August & September – Migration Magic!

These months can provide the best bird watching around Baildon Moor because many migrants stop off to feed up in this area. There are routes that the birds take which can be valleys running from north-east to south-west. The Glovershaw/ Sconce area falls within that description and birds such as Spotted Flycatchers, Redstarts, Whitethroats & Blackcaps stop off to feed up in hedgerows and trees. Similarly, Whinchat and Wheatears prefer to perch on stone walls and drop down to seek food in short grassed fields.

Overhead, Swifts fly through and later Sand & House Martins with Swallows may be seen in great numbers as they hawk for flies. The birds need to feed up before continuing on their migration so can stay around for a few days.

It is the best time to get out birding and experience the magic of nature.

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