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The Friends of Baildon Moor’s goal is to build a community of like minded individuals, organisations and businesses that share our vision of preserving Baildon Moor for future generations. We will act as a community voice and work closely with Bradford Council, the owners of the common land, to protect this valuable open space.

Join one of our work parties

We organise regular work parties during the summer months. These are usually on the evening of the first Thursday of the month and we typically meet near one of the car parks on Baildon Moor. Please check our Facebook page to find out more.

Become a Member

We would also encourage you to come along to our regular meetings, details of which are on our ‘Events & Meetings’ page. Membership of the Friends of Baildon Moor is free, to join all you need to do is provide us with your name and email address.

Make a Donation

Without the kind and generous support of our members and supporters we would be unable to pursue our ambitious plans for improving access and preserving the flora and fauna of Baildon Moor. If you are able to contribute no matter how small an amount, then please contact us to find out what our current and future projects are. Alternatively by becoming a member you can contribute your valuable time and experience.

Social Media

We have a facebook page that you can view here. Please use this Facebook page to share your photos and comments about Baildon Moor, or to ask us questions.

How to Get in Touch

If you would like to volunteer to help, or share your thoughts or expertise, please email us at

2 thoughts on “Get involved”

  1. Yes thank you for your comments. Yes, we have been concerned with the fate of the the reservoirs since before the golf club sold the site to the current landowner. FoBM Facebook page tends to be more up to date than the website for discussions and news.
    There were some plans to develop the site for watersports but currently the only aspect to that remaining is that the lower reservoir is stocked with fish, with angling rights for a local club.
    The other two have been cleared of the lining stone and will be used for clean landfill. This does not appear to have started yet and it would seem unlikely that the walls would be repaired before that was complete. The current intention is that when full these will be turfed over, with wildflower seed on top.
    The walls were dangerous which is one reason why the water level has to be so low now.
    We will continue to liaise with the landowner and the council to try to get the best outcome for the site in relation to the more.

  2. as a fierce protector of our beautiful moor is there any update available on the situation with the reservoirs which can only be described as an absolute eyesore to such a beautiful place…a blot on the landscape…it saddens me everyday to see it as it is, what is the owner doing about it now he has taken and sold all the stone? soon the perimeter walls will collapse adding possible danger to the area.
    many thanks. JM

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