Tree Planting

After careful consideration and discussion with various parties The Friends of Baildon Moor have put together the following with respect to tree planting on Baildon Moor.

Friends of Baildon Moor hold Baildon Moor and Glen to be a rare example of high open moorland and value it as an important habitat for many species of plant and birds. We would not want to see this compromised in any way, nor the character of the area deliberately, and rapidly, changed.

Having carefully considered the environmental impacts, balancing both climate and biodiversity concerns, and community aspects; we conclude that trees should neither be added, nor removed, anywhere on the Moor or Glen.

There may be specific local areas where tree removal may be considered, specifically around valuable archaeological sites or to encourage longer-term species, such as reducing beech coverage within the upper Glen. However, on no account should removal be done to facilitate human activities such as rock climbing, trials biking or golfing.

There may be some isolated areas where a very limited planting of native species may be appropriate without having unintended consequences on biodiversity, but these are likely to be minimal.

In addition, the golfing fairways should not enlarged, and drains and ditches not be deepened or widened.

With recent very welcome news that the reservoirs have come into BMDC ownership, we would welcome discussions on how this site could support the local environmental agenda, for example, by becoming a walled nature reserve within our wider Moor.

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