Photos from a recent walk on Baildon Moor

I have been up on the Moor a few times recently and have some photos that hopefully will look good enough to post on here. David Sturge, Richard Freeman and I have also been on the Moor with our strimmers trying to keep some of the paths open. Last Thursday we had help from a biker who we got talking to. He did a really good job of clearing the cut bracken off the path. Thanks very much. This Thursday we are up there again with the strimmers.

Anyway, this is the Birding, section so here are a couple of photos of a young Willow Warbler on the edge of the Moor.

Young Willow Warbler

Young Willow Warbler

And this shot is of a Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnett Moth that likes Thistles. Except in this case it is on some kind of grass. (?) πŸ™‚

5 Spot Burnett Moth

Thanks Peter. I’ll take your word for it being a 5 spot and not a 6 spot.

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