Winter Thrushes

Here is an update from Shaun Radcliffe, chair of Bradford Ornithological Group, dated 23 Oct 2013:-

Yesterday, I braved the showers to walk in the Glovershaw/Sconce Lane area. The mist had lifted and visibility improved somewhat. A few Lapwings were flying about over the fields near Golcar Farm and some Meadow Pipits flew past and dropped into the long grasses to feed.

On reaching Birch Close, there is a small group of trees made up of Elderberry, Hawthorn and Holly all heavy with berries and this is where I had superb views of a flock of about 50 Fieldfare as they urgently sought out the berries to meet their hunger. The local Blackbirds were trying to protect “their” berries but to no avail.

Further down near the scout camp, I came upon a mixed flock of a 100 or so winter thrushes, probably more Fieldfare than Redwing again feeding on berries.

These birds will continue to disperse as they seek food so keep a look out for them.

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