Birds on Shipley Glen

On Saturday I went up to Shipley Glen/Bracken Hall Green to take a photo for this year’s project and decided to wander around the trees in the glen. I could hear a Great Spotted Woodpecker but I did not get to see it. However I did get some good sightings of Robins. They sometimes keep quiet and still as you pass quite close. (Feel free to click on the images to see them larger on flickr.)

Robin, Shipley Glen

At other times they sing there heads off.

Robin, Shipley Glen

I quite liked the way that the Sun was behind this Robin with the darker background of a tree trunk.

Robin, Shipley Glen

They are cute birds.

Robin, Shipley Glen

While watching a pair of Bluetits dancing around together I saw a Tree creeper follow its characteristic saw tooth path, fly down to a low part of a tree and then creep up it feeding before flying down to the next tree.

Tree Creeper, Shipley Glen

I could also hear several Nuthatch. One flew in and scattered the pair of Bluetits before moving round and round the tree feeding.

Nuthatch, Shipley Glen

Nuthatch, Shipley Glen

Over the the other side of the beck were two Grey Herons in the depression in the field. They were probably waiting for worms, frogs and anything else small and edible to show.

Herons, Shipley Glen

On the way along the beck I came across this gate that can close off the beck as it goes under the path. It seems a strange thing to put a gate across.

Loadpit Beck

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