Emergency meeting 2 August 2011

An emergency meeting was held 2 August 2011 to discuss the work being done on the reservoirs on Baildon Moor.

Though many people were aware of there being plans for the reservoirs it was still thought that it would be some time before work would start. It took many by surprise when the earth moving equipment started scraping away the vegetation, cutting away the wall between the two lower reservoirs and also tipping some of the spoil over the wall on the South side of the reservoirs.

After quite a bit of discussion the meeting agreed that a sympathetic use of the reservoirs that was achieved by methods that were the least disruptive was better than them deteriorating further and having to be demolished.

The FOBM therefore feel that they are in a good position to have frequent informal discussions with either Gary Hudson or Arthur Edwick so that activities do not take people by surprise again. The FOBM can use this website to try to let people know what is happening or, what is more likely, that when questions are asked by members of the public we have something to tell them.

FOBM will keep an eye on the work being done and try to make sure that the relevant experts are consulted and are aware of the plans. It is thought that reservoirs require quite a specialised knowledge and ones built more than 100 years ago even more so.

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