March – Birds to Look Out For

Most of our native birds will be preparing for the breeding season which means that the males plumage is at its best and bird song extremely vocal.
Its a good time to sort out different species by their song because as the trees are without leaves and the birds are perched where they can be seen, you can focus on individual birds. If song by Blackbird, Song Thrush and Mistle Thrush has always been confusing, try and get out on a sunny morning and locate the songster.

Finches and Tits will also be in song in the hedgerows and the woods. Woodpeckers should be drumming and Long-tailed Tits may even be nest building. Look closely at bramble or any thick hedges to observe these birds as the nest is a cleverly built ball with a small side entrance. Treecreepers and Nuthatches will be investigating holes in the woods but you might find that the loudest singer comes from one of the smallest birds, the Wren. To compensate for its size, it has a shrilling song which it usually gives form the top of a dry-stone wall.

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