Public Meeting May 19; 7:30 – 9:00 at Baildon Link, Cliff Avenue

Friends of Baildon Moor Public Meeting May 19; 7:30 – 9:00 at Baildon Link, Cliff Avenue

As you may have seen from our newsletter and other publicity, Friends of Baildon Moor have arranged another Public Meeting for consultation on our activities and actions concerning Baildon Moor, Shipley Glen and the adjacent woodlands in the short and medium and longer term.

This is important opportunity also as part of feedback to our partners such as Baildon Town Council and the landowner, Bradford Metropolitan District Council.


  • We are urgently appealing for new active members to support what we do in trying to balance preservation of the area with its use as a public space .
  • We are suggesting we have a set day of 2nd Thursday night in the month through the summer for volunteers to gather for a couple of hours of litter picking and bracken/path clearing. An alternative date can be discussed. Time and place TBC.

Main items for discussion:

  • Feedback on any new path works is sought
  • A broad proposal has been made to extend the path to a circular walk around the moor. This has a wide impact and merits but there are also valid concerns. Funds will be required.
  • Moratorium on all new/refurbished memorials on the Moor/Glen has been proposed until Local Access Forum (LAF)/Council can consider the best way forward
  • Top car park is full of sizeable pot holes and in its present state we cannot encourage people to use it. We can plan rationalisation of car parking and reduction of illegal vehicle access and with parking improvement in specific areas. This would be a longer term plan and one that requires substantial funding.


Other possible topics, if time permits:

  • Proposed reduction of vehicle speed limits on the roads across the Moor from 50 mph
  • The reservoirs are of much concern and one of the main things we are asked about. We would like to collect opinion and try and influence the decisions of the landowner
  • Another source of concern is an individual’s deliberate intention to clear Baildon Moor of trees.  Some may wish to keep it as moor land but to wilfully vandalise the trees and leave the moor looking barren is unacceptable.  There are now some 30+ trees which have been subjected to this treatment.

If you have any other topics you wish to bring to the meeting these would be most welcome.

Please let me know in advance however; ideally before the meeting but if not when the Chair calls for any other business.

A number of frequently asked questions have been covered in our Information for Users and other documents that can be found on our website:

You are also encouraged to contribute to discussions on our Facebook page.

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