Report for 2010

Thank you everyone for contributing to our first year. Although we have not achieved as much as we would have liked to this year, there have been some noteworthy achievements:

We have, with the help of Bradford Council, provided three large litter bins on the two main Baildon Moor car parks.
We hope to provide three more this year.
We had one big litter pick and collected ten bags and lots of smaller ones by individuals.
The FoBM took a group of children from Glenaire School onto the moor, introducing them to the rich history including the old mine workings and cup and ring stones. This proved to be very successful and the children all enjoyed the trip out.
The group purchased strimming equipment and spent several days clearing a path through 5ft high bracken. This path from Low Springs to Sconce had become impassable because of overgrowth. We aim to open two other paths this year. This year we will start earlier when the bracken is only 18 inches high !
In addition to raising money for litter bins and strimmers, we have been fortunate to have a grant to improve the path to Sconce in 2011 which is now in a very bad state. We hope this will enable more people to use the path including the disabled and to access parts of the moor which they have not been able to reach.
The Friends of Baildon Moor continued to raise awareness and had a table at the Baildon Activities Fair at the Ian Clough Hall. A great deal of interest was shown by the visitors.

Our aim is still to protect the moor and its wildlife and help make it a place where people can enjoy the open space and wonderful views.

We look forward to the coming year and there will be a lot of opportunity to get involved, so look out for the dates of meetings and events!

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