What to look out for in October.

As many birds have now left the moors because the breeding season is over, you can
still enjoy finding birds elsewhere around the fringes.
Look for hedgerows which contain a good variety of bush and tree and it is likely
to be full of berries. These provide an important source of food for birds at this
time of the year. Try and do any bird watching in the morning looking out for areas
of hedgerow facing the sun and out of any prevailing wind. Elderberry, Hawthorn
and Blackberry all provide fruit which birds will seek out. Blackbird, Song Thrush,
Greenfinch, Bullfinch and Robin are likely to be seen.

Other birds are seed eaters and October is a month when thistle, dock and
meadowsweet are available for the birds to take the seed. Watch out for Bullfinch,
Reed Bunting and Linnet with Goldfinches sometimes in flocks searching the fields

These are just a few of the birds you can expect to see out and about Baildon Moor.
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Blackbird, Robert's Park

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